Meet Make My Day

sophia-baboolal-86214MAKE MY DAY ORGANIZING was created by Vanessa Kromer. Professional business coach for female entrepreneurs, wife, and mother of five, Vanessa has been organizing and creating systems her entire life! Vanessa is no stranger to entrepreneurship. She is the CEO and Founder of her own female entrepreneur business coaching company, she is the President of FemCity Jacksonville, public speaker, nationally published writer as well as a jeweler for Premier Designs.

For many years women would ask Vanessa how she ran a household of five small daughters so well, she felt she wasn’t doing anything special at all, but she was. Some of her “natural parenting” organizational systems included…..assigned seats at the dinner table and in the suburban, designated cups with their names on them for drinking throughout the day and a special area to hold them on the counter. Bathroom storage per child, a craft area with labeled rows and personalized cubbies for each child. Five shelves labeled, one for each child and in age order. Five travel bags for car trips or plane rides, each labeled and loaded with the same crafts and toys for the trip. A Disney travel bag for in the parks as well as for in the car on the trip loaded with paper plates, cups, snacks and all the needed items for a day at the park. Years of packing for summer away camp for multiple siblings at a time, all with labeled and organized bags. A 400 CD changer with a corresponding binder with ALL the kid’s movies organized by title for easy access and viewing. Chore charts, meal planning, recipe binders, coupon sorting, office systems, filing and more!

Type A and an only child, Vanessa has been developing and creating organizational systems since she was a little girl.  After many years of helping women build their businesses through creative systems and innovative planning, Vanessa decided it was time to dig deep into the world of professional organizing, where she knew she would feel at home. Now certified as a professional organizer, MAKE MY DAY ORGANIZING was born!